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Flying with a baby

Updated: Jan 17

Having flown throughout the world prior to Evie arriving we thought we had cracked flying, we knew all of the comfort hacks, what time to arrive, where to eat, what airlines were best. Now, with a little one it's like our travel life (just life really) has been flipped on its head.

Before you take to the skies for the first time, take a read of our top 5 tips to make your flight much easier.

1: Choose the time of your flight carefully. By this I mean the take off time, not the length of the flight. We have found with Evie that she is generally a happy little soul in the mornings, she naps quite well and is quite content to just sit and play with her toys. For Evie (and us), the worst time to fly would be late afternoon/early evening. Evie fears missing out on anything and as a result she resists naps like they’re the worst thing in the world (I would love the chance to nap as much as Evie can), as a result of this aversion to naps she becomes the grumpiest person this side of Nicky without coffee!

It won’t take long to learn when your little one’s is most settled. That being said, it’ll probably change as soon as you’ve learnt it!

2: Think about the journey as a whole, not just the flight time. A 2hour flight to Portugal might sound great, but If you add in every bit of travel you’ve got to do that day it might turn into a monster.

For us when we flew to Portugal we had a 3 hour drive to the airport, then about an hour getting through the various checks. The flight was about 1.5 hrs, and then once we landed it was about another 2-3 hours to get through passport control and the transfer to the apartment. It makes for about nine hours all in, we were absolutely exhausted after that day, the little ones are totally over it. It takes a day or two to recover from a long day like that. Just imagine how long the day would be if you had a six or seven our flight.

3: Allow time, plenty of it! Before the days of Evie we would just check Google Maps add 15 minutes for a comfort break and that would be fine. That all changed when Evie came along and suddenly we started arriving 30 (or more) minutes late to events that were happening just across town.

We tend to add 10 minutes per hour of travel for Evie time, then a 30 minute stop for a journey longer than three hours. More often than not we don't need the time, but if we had rapid fire nappy changes we would have plenty of time in the bag to make check in.

4: Take a papoose, we have found one absolutely essential around the airport. The times we have flown we have been allowed to keep our travel pram until the gate where it has be loaded into the hold not to be seen again until baggage reclaim.

Once we have folded our pram Evie goes into the papoose meaning that we have both hands free for boarding the aircraft, stowing luggage and getting our seatbelts on. When we land the Evie goes back into the papoose for passport control - the border agents seem to like this as they can clearly see her.

Unsure what pram to take on holiday? Read our review of the Roma Capsule 2, our favourite travel pram and one of the lightest on the market! You can see how small it is, I'm wearing it on my back!

5: Planes are relatively small spaces, and the toilets are even smaller. These toilet cubicles double as the changing cubicles. If you're a big bloke like me this makes it very interesting to try and fit everything in. With that in mind, I would recommend a small changing bag for the flight. Packed with just the essentials - a few nappies, small pack of wipes and some cream.

To make life easier for you and baby, pick easier clothes. A simple two-piece outfit will make your life significantly easier in the small space.

Not sure what to pack for the rest of the holiday? We've got you covered. Check out our full packing list by clicking here.

Let us know your top tips, message us on Facebook and we'll post our favourites.


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