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REVIEW: Chicco Next2Me Crib

Updated: Jan 21

We have been using the Chicco Next2Me Crib since Evie was born, so this review is based on genuine almost daily use for the last 6+ months.

In brief...

As you might guess from the name, the Next2Me Crib is a bedside crib that attaches to your family bed almost as a little extension for your baby. The crib is quite a bit larger than other bedside cribs, sturdy and in our opinion, great value for money.

Why do bedside cribs exist?

NICE guidelines state that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a cot by your bed. This is echoed by the Lullaby Trust who state that sharing a room with your baby for their first 6 months reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In short they offer all off the benefits co-sleeping whilst reducing the risk.

They also have other benefits such as easy feeding overnight and you might find your baby gets used to sleeping on their own right from day one.

What do you get for your money?

The Next2Me comes flat-packed ready for a bit of DIY. It comes with the mesh frame of the cot, the mattress and the metal legs - they have small wheels that mean it's easy to manoeuvre around the bedroom. It has a handy storage/travel bag which means you could collapse it down and take away with you...more on that later.


This is probably the area that lets Chicco down. The instructions were generally quite poor, which meant that there was quite a bit of guess work involved in getting it together.

There are a few arms that had to be forced through material, almost to the point of it feeling like it was going to rip. However, once the crib was up and assembled it felt secure.

All in all it took me about 20 minutes from start to finish.

How does it work?

Once you've got the Next2Me assembled it is actually very simple. It will sit nicely on either side of your bed with one side zipping down and securing underneath the crib. If you don't want to use it as a bedside crib you can leave this side zipped up and it becomes a regular crib.

The crib secures to your bed using two long straps with a pinch-clip to secure them, The crib will work even with drawers. Ours is secured through our wooden slats. Once the the straps are tight, the crib won't move at all - believe me I tried!

How does Evie find it?

Initially it took Evie a week or so to really seem comfortable in the Crib, I think a lot of these was to do with how hard the mattress is. Although the Lullaby Trust recommend a hard, flat mattress with a waterproof cover, we think the Next2Me was just too hard for Evie. We have been using a blanket under her sheet for the past 5 months and she has generally slept much better since.

We did not want to spend the money, but you could buy a replacement mattress from a variety of third parties.

How have we found it?

The Next2Me has been a dream. Nicky has been breastfeeding Evie since day 1 and this bedside crib has made it much easier for her. When Evie wants to be fed overnight Nicky can just slide Evie right across into our bed. It reduces the amount of lifting she has to do and is a much smoother process for Evie meaning she is less likely to be truly disturbed. For those mums who aren't supposed to lift too much after a C-Section a bedside crib is essential.

The Next2Me has been perfect for Evie, it is a big (for category) crib and has fitted Evie perfectly as she has grown. This size might not be a benefit for everyone, as you really do need a fair amount of room for it to fit.

Tiny Evie being dwarfed by the crib

Could it double as a travel cot?

In my opinion no. It does fold, but only to the size of the mattress which is almost one metre long, which makes it really quite unwieldy when travelling with it. The crib weighs just over 9kg which is relatively light considering how sturdy the crib is but having to collapse it and reconstruct it would really frustrate me every time we travelled.

Our Verdict...

It has been fantastic, for us and Evie. Nicky loves it as it means she can get back to sleep quicker after a feed and for Evie it has made her safer. It has allowed her to 'Co-Sleep' with all the benefits of her being in her own bed. The large size might put some families off as could the complicated assembly.

Cost: £189.99 RRP

Buy it here: Amazon


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