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REVIEW: Netvue Orb Camera

Updated: Jan 16

In brief...

An easy to use HD camera with internet connectivity, 360 remote panning and 2-way audio. The camera is not advertised as a true baby monitor, and that is something that is reflected well in the price.

Given that it is not a baby monitor, does it work?

Yes, it is absolutely fantastic. This home security camera has all of the functions that high end baby cameras, but at a fraction of the cost. With a price tag of just £49.99 we think that it is an absolute bargain. It has no separate monitor, so the only way you can monitor the camera is through the Netvue app. We actually think that this is a bonus as you can monitor your baby on a number of devices throughout the house.

The app is very simple to use. If you have multiple cameras you can manage them all from the home page. Once you have selected your camera you can can remotely operate it using a 4-directional controller, simply dragging in the direction you want to move. The only downside with this movement is the noise, it is incredibly noisy.

What features does it have?

As we've mentioned it has some fantastic features:

  • 100º Horizontal View, great for getting a whole room or crib in the frame.

  • 360º panning, you can spin the camera right round.

  • 1080p resolution, high enough to let you zoom into the picture and check on your little one in detail.

  • 2-way audio, much like a walkie-talkie. Great for hearing what your little one is doing, not bad for reassuring them but the audio quality isn't great so you sound a bit like Wall-E.

  • Motion zone technology, the app allows you to set zones within the frame to alert you to any motion. Great for when the little one is trying to break free of their crib.

  • Fantastic night vision, you really can see as much detail at night as you can in the day.

  • Full comparability with the Amazon Alexa range, great if you have any of their devices with a screen.

What is the camera quality like?

In a word, fantastic. The HD quality is more than enough to see your little softly snoring to themselves. When it goes dark the camera automatically goes into a quite eerie night vision mode. Even though you lose colour definition you certainly don't lose any quality. On the app you can zoom right in, close enough to see the definition on a dummy.

You do get a slight lag on the picture as you rotate the camera, but this is just a second or two - it is certainly not a big issue in my opinion.

Is it secure?

The Netvue ORB comes with 128-Bit security. In short most experts agree that 128-Bit encryption is almost unbreakable. It would take the worlds most powerful computers billions of years to crack the security key - that's good enough for me.

The Orb mounted above Evie's crib.

How easy is it to set-up?

Simple, really quite simple. All you need to do is make sure your desired location is within reach of wifi and plug it in. Download the app and follow the instructions. It took about 5 minutes from unboxing to live streaming.

The Orb can be set up onto a flat surface like a chest of drawers or it can be mounted using the included mount. We have mounted ours upside on a shelf above Evie's crib. You are able to flip the display in the app with a few clicks.

What is it lacking?

Given that this camera is not a dedicated baby monitor there are some features that you would expect to see. Some more essential than others, but that ones that we really miss are:

  • Adjustable night light

  • Music player (mp3 or inbuilt sounds)

  • Room temperature monitor

Although the Netvue has 2-way communication we haven't found away to stream sounds as you have to keep your finger pressed on the switch.

Our Verdict...

We have not regretted this purchase even with the features that it is lacking. In our opinion the price is the big draw to this camera as we found it significantly cheaper than any other camera with the label 'baby'.

This camera will be used long beyond the need for Evie monitoring, we will repurpose into its primary role as a security camera.

Cost and where to buy:

Cost: £25.15 at time of review

We bought ours from amazon - here*

*this is an Amazon affiliate link. If you buy this product after clicking this link we will receive a percentage of the product cost. It does not cost you anything but will benefit us greatly.


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