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REVIEW: Roma Capsule2 Travel Pram

In Brief…. 

The Roma Capsule2 is one the smallest and lightest travel prams on the market right now. It folds down small enough to fit in a planes overhead locker, but is sturdy enough for a week long family holiday. It reclines fully and has a 5-point harness system. 

First impressions...

When we received the Capsule2 I was shocked at just how small it was, in comparison to our regular pram it is absolutely tiny. It is also light, baby in one arm, pram in the other light. The pram is lightly padded, initially I was concerned that it would not be padded enough for Evie. The pram lies completely flat and has a petite underslung shopping basket.

The frame is made from light aluminium and has 4 double wheels. The pram does have quite a bit of side-to-side movement, Roma assured me this is completely normal and is perfectly safe.

Having recently flown with a much larger travel pram I was really excited to be flying with something a lot smaller; I was hopeful that it would make the airport experience easier.

The airport experience...

It is whilst you are actually travelling that the Capsule2 really comes in to it's element. Being able to easily collapse and erect the pram is fantastic, whilst you're trying to juggle baby and bags whilst headed through security being able to fold the pram one-handed and place it on the scanner belt is fantastic. I easily managed it with Evie in my left arm and a rucksack on my back.

At the departure gate we noticed a few jealous parents checking out our pram. As the Capsule2 is so small we were able to take it into the cabin rather than having to leave it in the hold as we had to on previous flights. Why is this a benefit? It means that you can put your little one directly into the pram once you disembark from the plane. We weren't able to do this when we flew into Porto and that meant we had to carry Evie a fair distance to security and then onto baggage reclaim, something that probably isn't an issue when they're tiny but as they get heavier having some wheels would be a great benefit.

How was it using the pram day-to-day?

We decided from the off that we weren't going to treat this pram any different to our day-to-day pram, where we wanted to go the Capsule2 would be coming with us. We took the pram to the Algarve for a weeks vila holiday, during that time we hit the beach, took two ferries, walked over 25km mostly on cobbles and did not have a single problem.

We hired the smallest (cheapest) rental car and as a result we had a tiny Renault Clio. Even with our large suitcase, the pram fitted well in the small boot.

The handle is a good height, even for me at 6ft 3 I did  not feel like I was having to stoop, or shorten my step something us tall dads regularly struggle with. The fact that this pram can lie completely flat is fantastic, Evie will quite often fall asleep as we're pushing her along and to be able to gently recline her is great. The  mechanism is simple on the way down, but a little fiddly on the way up. When reclining you just pull the clip down the strap and the pram lays back. When you want to sit little one up again you have to hold them up, then tighten the strap - once you get the technique it is relatively easy.

We had thought that the Capsule2 would not be padded enough for Evie, however the endless hours of sleeping that she did whilst in it put that concern to bed. She certainly seemed quite comfortable and didn't mind being strapped in.

The pavements in the Algarve were almost solely cobbled. Whilst we were away we walked over 75,000 steps the majority of those on these cobbled pavements. The pram was completely fine. The 4 pairs of wheels, although small were quite mighty. Even up curbs and pushing over deeper cobbles it pushed straight through them. When we visited the beach we locked the front wheels and gave it a go. Like all small wheeled prams it wasn't ideal, but the sand didn't stop us.

The pram features a small hood with a clear peep hole so you can keep an eye on your little one. The package also includes a clear rain cover and lightweight bug net. Thankfully we didn't have to use either of these on holiday, but they did fit well when we tried them out.

What are the downsides of a pram this light/small?

Everything is obviously smaller, and lighter. I mentioned earlier about the wobble that this pram has. Now it is completely normal and Roma state that it is safe, but the Capsule2 does not feel as sturdy as our regular pram. I am convinced after a week of hard use that the pram is sturdy enough to do the job, but it just doesn't feel it.

There are a few other points to note here, the handle is unpadded as well as being un-adjustable and the underslung basket is on the small side. We did manage to get Evie's small changing bag in there and a small amount of shopping, but nothing too heavy.

Are these issues enough to put us off? No. Not at all.

When you remember that this is primarily sold as a lightweight travel pram I think that these trade-offs are perfectly acceptable given just how well this pram does travel.

Would we buy this pram?

Without a shadow of a doubt, yes. We may have been given this pram to take away with us, but we shall certainly be buying one to take away with us again in the future.


The Roma Capsule2 is currently sold in 4 colours. Pink, Black, Grey and the Tweed that we took away. The colour look great and the range mean that there will definitely be a colour for you.

We are told there are two bold colours being launched in early 2020, once we know those we'll check back in.

Get yours...

At publication the Capsule2 was reduced to £125.00 (RRP £149.00)

You can check out Roma stockists here.

Or you can buy it from Amazon here*.

*This is an affiliate link. It does not cost you any more money, but if you buy a Capsule2 from Amazon using this link we get a small commission. This helps us run and help dads all across the globe.


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