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Top 5 Weaning and Feeding Instagram Accounts

Once you’ve included solids into your baby’s diet the everyday chore of mealtimes can become somewhat tedious. We’ve been following a few Instagram accounts that have really inspired us to try some new foods and recipes for Evie. They include handy tips on how to serve different foods and easy recipes that have really helped us keep Evie’s diet and daily food varied.

1 – feeding_joshua

Feeding Joshua is a brilliant account, with regular posts that cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. They post simple meal ideas that are easy to reproduce. One of our favourite things about this account is its honesty, when we first started introducing solids we would see all these beautiful plates of food on other accounts and worry that Evie wasn’t ever going to eat that much food. Feeding Joshua gives a little recap on how much of the meal Joshua ate each day, truly this was such a relief to realise that it’s normal for your little one to just pick at their meal.

2 - whatmummymakes

This account has rightfully built up a massive following, the recipes posted are easy to follow and thorough. We are working our way through them for Evie to munch on. Green Mac and Cheese is a firm favourite in our house these days. There is also going to be a What Mummy Makes book published later this year!

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3 – sr_nutrition

When we first started giving Evie solids SR Nutrition was a great place to get really helpful tips about how to serve almost any food you could imagine to babies. The author is a registered nutritionist so you know you can trust what she posts; the account is really well presented and each post is really user friendly.

4 – baby_led_weaning_cookbook

An app is available to accompany this account, so be aware that some of the recipes are only available on that, however there are still plenty of recipes readily obtainable on the Instagram account. There is a really good mix of meal and snack ideas, which as Evie has gotten older, and hungrier, has come in really handy. We’ve tried these delicious Peanut Butter and Raspberry Muffins this week.

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5 – mamaknows_nutrition

This account is great for understanding feeding and nutrition as a whole rather than just specific recipes and meal ideas. Despite the fact that it’s an American account the ideas and suggestions are all relevant and valuable. It’s a great source for advice on picky eaters aimed at toddlers and older, so not quite Evie yet, but we’ve been trying to save some of the posts so that if we have issues in the future we can try some of the suggestions.


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