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Top 5 weaning products

As we write this we have been weaning Evie for just over three months. We have used a variety of products during this time. Some have been absolutely fantastic, some less so. We'll run through our top five and give you the low down on why you need them in your cupboards.

Weaning is challenging enough as it is, let alone when the tools you are using are marking your life harder.

1. White Hot® Infant Safety Spoons - Munchkin

These are easily one the best product we have bought. They are brilliantly simple and make life really easy when feeding your little one hot food. What do they do? They change colour if the food is too hot. They come in a range of colours, but if you put them in food that is hotter than 43 degrees C the spoon turns white.

Having tested the spoons in various temperatures of water we can confirm that they are accurate, ours all turned white at just over 43 degrees.

Cost: £2.95 for 4

Buy them here

2. Sip® Natural Drinking Cup - COGNIKIDS

We initially used a free flow sippy cup but after a visit from our Health Visitor who advised us to try a regular cup as it is supposed to improve dexterity and swallowing. We tried a few cheaper plastic cups but Evie really struggled to grip them, especially when her hands were wet or covered in food.

This where the Sip cup excels. The soft rubbery 'net-like' is really easy for Evie to grip, even with slippery hands. The plastic cup comes out of the grip for cleaning, with the cup being dishwasher safe.

Available in a range of colours to match all palates.

Cost: £10.99 for 2. Buy them here

3. Matvrå bibs - Ikea

Starting solids is a messy old business, and we have trialled a fair few different types of bibs, but time after time we keep coming back to these. They are super light, easy to wipe clean and they fold up perfectly for Evie's lunch bag.

Not only do they have cute designs, as you'd expect from Ikea they are super functional, the little pouch at the bottom collects up all the dropped food and water surprisingly well. We quite often find Evie tucking into something she's 'saved for later' in there!

Cost: £2.50 for 2

Buy them here

Just starting your weaning journey? Want a simple, but nutritious recipe to start with? Check out our Iron Rich Pasta Sauce. We love it and it's great to freeze.

4. Pop N Sit Folding Booster - Summer Infant

We bought this after an impromptu trip to GoOutdoors and we've found it so useful. It folds down small enough that you can chuck it in the back of your car. The carry bag has a good size handle which will mean it'll be great for spring/summer picnics.

We've used it in when we've found ourselves in cafes that have a highchair that could be from the 1950's, when we've popped over to see family and friends. Evie sits really well in it and seems comfortable enough, the tray is easy to remove and clean.

Cost: £27.00 (We got ours on offer at £19.99 so it's worth shopping around)

Buy it here

5. Stick Blender - Cookworks

We started off doing baby led weaning with Evie, but quickly changed to a mix of spoon fed and baby led. You can read all about our starting solids journey here. This stick blender was a godsend, it meant that we could make pretty much anything we were cooking Evie-friendly. It blends food really well, not totally smooth but smooth enough for the start of your baby's food adventure.

There are several settings and a couple of attachments, the mini chopper is great now that Evie is a little older and can handle chunkier textures. We can also use it for making soups and different foods for us, which is great!

Cost: £19.99

Buy it here


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